Here’s a list of the things I’ve been up to and their completion status.

If you have any questions about any of the projects, more info can be found in the portfolio area of my blog, as well as by contacting me directly.

The ones that are in italics are in progress, the ones that are in bold are completed.


  1. Expo Milan 2015 – Plant water filter posters
  2. Research paper 2016 – I did my history research paper on the history of science, to be more precise on the history of genetic engineering/selection.
  3. Physics IA 2016 – Using Stoke’s law to determine density of plasticine
  4. Swiss Young Physicist Tournament 2017 – Problem 10: Pulling glasses apart
  5. Biology IA 2017 – Investigating the effect of different lengths of Tilia platyphyllos xylem on efficiency of the water filter by finding the percent change in the light transmission of the water sample
  6. Chemistry IA 2017 – Investigating the effect of different types of acids used in bath bomb production on the amount of CO2 gas generated
  7. Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge 2017Drosophila melanogaster: a model to study human disease
  8. Individual work 2017 – Crystal violet dye absorption on montmorillonite: kinetic studies.

Find a more in depth of each of my works here.