About me

I’m currently a high school senior taking the IB Diploma Programme, with my HLs being Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Can’t say that’s a choice that everyone makes, but you know, since I’ve signed up for it, I should probably be able to handle this.

Except for my interest in science and science jokes (I love science puns, so expect to find some around the blog!) I like a variety of things. My hobbies include cooking, singing, theatre, writing, photography, reading, as well as swimming (if that’s a hobby). I also play golf, read for Librivox.com, spend time roaming around my imagination and play psychologist to my friends.

About the Blog

I’m hoping that his blog page becomes a useful and comfortable space for any IB student (or equivalent, there’s no hate on this blog) taking either of the sciences or a combination of them to review their material, seek help if they do not understand something. We’re all in this together, as cliche as that may sound and I hope that we all can have each other’s backs and learn from each other as well as from the books and questions we can find.

I will be going through the syllabi for each three of the sciences, topic by topic, theme by theme and posting things to know: important vocabulary and so on, as well as comprehension and practice questions (from IB books and past papers, naturally). I will also include exam prep tips and ways to handle the IB program.

If you are an aspiring IB student, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you’re looking into picking one of the sciences to study, then again, feel free to ask questions or look through the IB tips posts.

You can find some of my IAs and similar on the Portfolio Page if you’re interested. I will though be posting tips for IAs and how to find a topic, which will hopefully be useful for some of those who still have to go through it.